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If you already know what you'd like to do to help Sarah's campaigns, you can jump straight to the form to share your details here.​

There are all kinds of tasks that volunteers can do that are extremely helpful.

The most well-known, and the first one people think of is delivering leaflets to people's homes. This helps Sarah to keep in touch with local residents and inform them about what she is doing.

There are many other ways to help as well:

  • Knocking on doors, to speak to voters

  • Helping with clerical work, like stuffing envelopes

  • Doing data entry and other computer-based tasks

  • Joining our fundraising team to help organise events and socials

  • Helping with the book-keeping and admin for our events

  • Agreeing to display a poster in your garden at election time

  • Joining our garden poster team who put the posters up in people's gardens at election time

  • Driving people, or things like leaflets, around the constituency to drop them off in specific places

  • Helping to manage the leaflet deliveries in a small area, making sure the deliveries are completed by an agreed date by other volunteers

  • Making phonecalls to supporters and voters

  • Sharing your professional expertise with us if you feel it could be of use in some way

  • Offering storage space (for example in a lockable shed or garage) for some of our equipment

.... and there are many other ways to help as well!

Whatever you can do, your help will be valued and appreciated.

Complete the form here, or if the tasks you'd like to offer to help with are not listed there, drop Sarah an email at
Or drop in to see the campaign team at 87 High Street, Chesham HP5 1DE and have a chat about how you would like to help.
Of course all these leaflets, posters and efforts cost money! So you may also wish to support Sarah's campaign by making a donation which can be processed on this donation page
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