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My social media profiles are on Facebook and X. They are owned and managed by me, with the support of my team. The purpose of these channels is to increase awareness of my work, and share information I feel is useful to my constituents.


I do not normally reply to comments on my social media channels. I engage with local constituents by email, in surgeries, at events and meetings; I regularly knock on doors and publish surveys to ask for your views. However, I do not engage in discussions on social media.


Please do not use social media to tell me about a problem you need my help with - instead please email me on  Due to Parliamentary protocol your email needs to include your full name and residential address in the constituency or I will not be able to assist you.


Breaking the following ground rules on my social media channels may lead to your comments being hidden or deleted, users may be blocked without notice, and serious breaches may be reported to the police or social media platform.

  • Please comment respectfully.

  • Abuse, threats or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated – even if you think that the words you used were mild or intended as a joke.

  • No bigotry, or discriminatory terms.

  • While comments that disagree with my position will normally be allowed to remain on my page, commenters should not be promoting other political parties or campaigns - please use or create your own pages for such messages.

  • Comments that misrepresent my actions, beliefs or position on an issue will be removed.

  • Comments that are intended to deflect or divert attention from the content of the main post are not permitted.

  • Spamming is not tolerated. This includes persistent posting of comments across multiple posts or platforms that say the same thing or an unrelated comment to the original post. These comments will be deleted and the account that is posting them may be blocked without any prior notice.

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