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Sarah Green was elected as the Liberal Democrat MP for the Chesham & Amersham constituency in a Parliamentary by-election in June 2021. Since then, she has spent her time working hard for the people and businesses in the constituency. 

Sarah has helped more than 15,000 local people who have contacted her with requests for assistance, advice and information. 


She has been particularly concerned for local families, communities and businesses who are struggling with the cost of living. She conducted a Cost of Living Survey in the constituency in 2022 and has then raised in Parliament the issues highlighted. 


Sarah speaks up for our NHS to ensure it’s there for us when we need it. She has helped many constituents who have been impacted by waiting times and difficulties accessing NHS services, as well as supporting our overworked NHS staff. 


Sarah works to protect our natural environment and for action on climate change. In 2023 she tabled a Private Members Bill for the Protection of Chalk Streams. Sadly it fell at the Second Reading when time ran out for the Parliamentary session. She re-presented it to Parliament in early 2024 and though this also ran out of time for debate before the 2024 General Election was called, Sarah continues to work across Party lines with MPs from different parties to try to implement protections for these precious, rare ecosystems.


A key election pledge that Sarah made when she was elected was to hold HS2 to account. She has been true to her word and has raised many individual complaints with HS2 on behalf of residents, including environmental concerns, noise and traffic problems arising from the works and many more. She has spoken several times in Parliament about concerns over HS2 including calling for the project to be scrapped as the business case continued to collapse with the announcement of further project delays and the cancellation of the northern phase. She played a key role, working with Missenden Parish Council and Amersham Town Council, in uncovering the misuse of a water hydrant by HS2 contractors in Summer 2022.

She has built a reputation as a vocal campaigner for justice for victims of the surgical mesh scandal. After meeting with a constituent who had undergone surgical mesh implantation and suffered horrific consequences, Sarah has raised the issue several times in Parliament. She is Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Mesh scandal. The victims are mostly women and many have been left in appalling pain.

In 2023, working with an MP from the Scottish National Party, Sarah co-founded a new All Party Parliamentary Group on Crohn's disease and Colitis. 

You can see what Sarah has recently spoken about in Parliament here and see the Written Questions she recently submitted to various Ministers here 

Sarah lives in Chesham and loves to go walking in the Chiltern countryside to relax.

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