Sarah Green, MP for Chesham and Amersham

Sarah Green MP calls for tougher action against online fraud

Chesham and Amersham MP, Sarah Green, has today urged the government to create a new agency dedicated to tackling online crime, including fraud.  

Speaking in the House of Commons today, (Monday 25th April) she told of how several constituents have become disillusioned with the government’s current approach to fraud, and called on the Minister for Security, Damian Hinds to rethink it.

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Government must deliver ventilation equipment to keep children in school

Chesham and Amersham MP Sarah Green has today urged the Government to ensure face-to-face teaching continues by delivering essential ventilation equipment to schools. She also called on Ministers to publish the results of a pilot scheme designed to test the effectiveness of air purifiers in reducing the spread of Coronavirus in schools. 

Speaking during an Urgent Question to the Secretary of State for Education on Government preparations for school openings in January, Green said:  

Our children cannot afford for schools to close again or to miss more face-to-face teaching through absence.  Evidence shows, as has been previously mentioned, that ventilation equipment in schools reduces airborne risk of coronavirus by up to 70%. Other countries have already rolled out ventilation equipment to their schools and are seeing the benefits. When can we expect the results of the Bradford pilot scheme to be published? And when can schools expect ventilation equipment to be delivered – because it’s needed now.’  

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Severe Disability Premium claimants penalised by move to Universal Credit - Green

Chesham and Amersham MP, Sarah Green, has today urged the Government to support those suffering financial loss following the transition from so-called ‘legacy benefits’ to Universal Credit. In January 2021 the Government introduced transitional payments linked to the severe disability premium. These were intended to compensate for the loss of the payment due to the lack of an equivalent in Universal Credit. However, speaking in Parliament today, Ms. Green pointed out that despite these transitional payments, some claimants are still left significantly worse off.  

She said:  

‘One of my constituents was previously in receipt of Employment Support Allowance and Housing Benefit with a severe disability premium. Earlier this year she relocated to my constituency to be closer to her daughter for support which triggered a transition to Universal Credit. Even with transitional protection payments, she is now over £70 a month worse off. In the face of the current cost of living squeeze this is having a significant impact. Would the Minister meet with me about this specific case, and what additional steps will the government take to support people like my constituent, who are being unfairly financially penalised by the move to Universal Credit?’

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Green Calls for Review of Loan Charge in light of tragic impact on mental health

Chesham and Amersham MP, Sarah Green, has today urged the Government to launch a fresh review of the Loan Charge in light of the devastating impact it has had on the mental health and lives of those facing it. 8 people facing the charge - a retrospective tax levied on those paid through legal loan remuneration schemes – have lost their lives to suicide.

Speaking during today’s oral questions to Her Majesty’s Treasury, Green said:

‘The Government has confirmed that 8 people facing the loan charge have now lost their lives to suicide. One of my own constituents recently told me they’re a totally nervous wreck and have contemplated ending their own life on numerous occasions. In light of the heavy toll the loan charge is taking on the lives of those facing it, will the government commit to a fresh and independent review of the loan charge?’

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Sarah Green demands financial redress for victims of surgical mesh

Sarah Green, Member of Parliament for Chesham and Amersham, has today urged the Government to provide financial redress for patients suffering complications following the use of surgical mesh. In their response to Baroness Cumberlege’s 2020 report, the Government declined to implement the recommendation to provide victims with financial redress.

Speaking in Parliament, Green said:

‘Women across the country have lost jobs and life savings due to chronic pain and disability caused by complications after the use of medical mesh. Many, including one of my own constituents, have had to pay for corrective surgery overseas. The Government has so far refused to set up agencies to provide financial redress, as recommended in the Cumberlege report. Will the Secretary of State revisit the Cumberlege Report and, in particular, that need for financial redress?’

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Government HS2 decision an insult to Chesham and Amersham

Following reports that the government is cancelling the Eastern line of HS2, Sarah Green, Liberal Democrat MP for Chesham and Amersham, said: 

"This decision to axe the Eastern leg of HS2 is nothing but an insult for the people of Chesham and Amersham. By scrapping the extension to Leeds the government are abandoning their central economic case.  

 “They have already torn up the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, destroyed acres of ancient woodland and directly endangered our Chalk Streams through tunnelling. 

 "What is the point of all the pain we are being subjected to? We face a decade of debilitating disruption seemingly for nothing.” 

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Green pushes for Government funding for research into links between climate change and human health.

Chesham and Amersham MP, Sarah Green, has today urged the Prime Minister to fund research into the impact of Climate Change on epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Society, a charity based in Chalfont St. Peter, has launched the Epilepsy Climate Change (EpiCC) initiative. The global initiative seeks to reduce contributions to climate change and support research into its impact on people with epilepsy.

Speaking in Parliament, Ms. Green referred to recent research which showed that in hot weather, 62% of those whose seizures were uncontrolled experienced an increase in seizure frequency or severity. She encouraged the Government to back further research into the issue, calling on the Prime Minister to “join [her] in endorsing the Epilepsy Climate Change Initiative and commit to more funding to research the impact of Climate Change on human health.”

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Sarah Green MP calls on HS2 to improve community relations ahead of ‘decade of debilitating destruction’

Sarah Green, MP for the Chesham and Amersham constituency, has joined constituent calls for HS2 to be scrapped. Speaking in a parliamentary debate on the petition entitled “Stop work on HS2 immediately and hold a new vote to repeal the legislation”, Sarah warned of a “decade of debilitating destruction” caused by the construction of the high-speed railway in her constituency. She also criticised HS2 Ltd. for their lack of transparency when communicating with her constituents.


Sarah commented: [W]hat strikes me is the persistent lack of trust in HS2 Ltd, which is openly acknowledged by the team at HS2. They have assured me more than once that they are working hard to address that with the local community, but we have been here before […] I therefore ask the Minister whether he is satisfied that he is seeing enough improvement in this area from HS2 Ltd.”

She went on to highlight the fears of Chesham and Amersham residents regarding irreversible damage being done to the Chiltern chalk aquifer, which supplies water to thousands of people in south east England. Referencing a report from HS2 contractor Align, which surfaced in August as the result of a Freedom of Information Request, Ms Green revealed: “[I]t has come to light that, during diaphragm wall excavation at the Chalfont St Peter vent shaft late last year, there was a significant loss of bentonite. There is a clear correlation between that loss and changes in water quality in the area. HS2 Ltd chose not to share this information with the community”.

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